Miniature Pinscher care is not as difficult as caring for other breed of dog. Here is a list on Miniature Pinscher care tips that will be helpful for you as you raise your Min Pin.

  • Give them toys. They like interactive toys and are very inquisitive so, if you do not have another pet to play with them, make sure that they have something they can carry with them as they explore the house. This will spare them from accidentally choking small stuffs that they could find like your favorite lipstick that you drop on the floor or the pen of your kid he uses for homework. Give them something that usually squeaks or talk. They will enjoy it.
  • Keep them warm. Because Miniature Pinschers have short hair, see to it that you provide them a nice and warm blanket to keep them from getting cold.
  • Do not bathe them frequently. Their short hair would only need brushing at least once or twice a week for it to stay healthy and shiny. Bathing them too often will dry out their coat. Experts advise that you bathe your Miniature Pinschers less often than other dog breed requires. Using clean damp cloth washed with shampoo could do them better.
  • Clip their nails often. Their nails easily grow out. So if you let this off without trimming, you might face difficulty on trimming off longer nails which they could use to scratch the tiles or the carpets of the house.
  • Play with them. Miniature Pinschers need companionship from their owners. They cannot do well alone for a long time because they easily get bored. But you must be careful while letting your children play with them. Miniature Pinschers are jumpy and may not be good playmates to younger kids.
  • Socialize with them. A good Miniature Pinscher care would dictate that you, as a breeder, spend time socializing with them and them with other dogs and other people while they are still at young age. Min Pins are known to be one of the friendliest breed of dogs, but this might not transpire in your pet if you will fall short of training them to interact with you and the others while they were young.
  • Consult your breeder. On feeding them, be sure that you have asked your breeder on the right Miniature Pinscher care. You should find out if they have a tendency to overeat and that you should be aware of. But generally, Miniature Pinschers should be fed at least four ounces of dry dog food once a day. But for puppies, this meal amount should be divided and be served to them four times daily. Keep close watch on their weight. They easily get fat which will later on cause them more health problems.
  • Train them while they are young. Min Pins are energetic dogs; you will avoid the tug of war scene while you walk with them in the park if only you train them on the proper behavior earlier on. Try using a dog harness or collars as you walk with them. They escape really well so, find the no-slip kind of dog harness to keep them with you during your walking hours.
  • Reward them. Miniature pinchers love to bark. If you cannot tolerate this, train them by giving them rewards as you correct their barking habits.