They are the King of the Toys. They are highly whimsical and they expect all, if not only their breeders, to give in to their whims. Miniature Pinschers love to think of themselves as the center of the world with everyone pleasing them as they ask. Because of their high-step kind of walking, you can infer that they are dogs with very high confidence. Although ironically, they are sweet little dogs; they will get any chance they can grab to jump on you and get on to your lap when you sit on the coach.
They are inquisitive. Min Pins size up all person they could see entering their house. This makes them a good house watchdog. A visitor cannot stop them from barking unless he or she has earned their trust.

Miniature pinschers are a tiny breed that could best suit an apartment or a condominium life. Miniature pinschers temperament could be kept cool when are allowed to stroll and run outdoors. They easily get bored and letting them use up their energy maybe once or twice a week, will be a great help.

Training them should start while they are young. You may use treats and rewards to let them follow you. Be firm but gentle at once because they will not heed to harsh treatment and training methods. Train them in confined areas too to keep their attention focus and your patience always up.

Min Pins like to think that they are superior. Training them could be a challenging task. Their being tiny deceives their owners. Their small features make them lovable to owners, contrary to being overly confident dogs that they really are. Owners should take charge on the leadership over their Mianiature pinschers so to train them to be obedient and make them feel like a pet than a king of the house. They are intelligent and brave but their being tiny sways their owners, hence, resulting to their behavioral problems. When they believe they have outsmarted their owners they then become demanding and stubborn. They will bark so much to your agony. They could be tyrant without proper training. Giving in to their whims will cause them more damage than good. They will become very aggressive with other dogs and severely protective with their owners and suspicious to unfamiliar faces. The key to training the Miniature Pinschers temperament is balance. Be loving and caring owners, but at the same time, be firm and consistent on hauling them to have the well-suited behavior for a pet and not of a leader.

The Miniature Pinschers temperament and behavior depend greatly on how their human owners treat them. The Miniature Pinchers temperament could be a great trait to your Min Pins if they are trained well and if they were oriented about their limitations and boundaries at the house. Define these two and you will have your Min Pins best fit as pet.