Miniature Pinscher training is not really a difficult task. You just need to follow some important guidelines. These dogs enjoy obedience training very much. They are very intelligent, and they seem bred to please their owners. It should be understood that this dog is not the breed for a beginning owner. The Miniature Pinscher must be treated like a regular-sized dog and must never be pampered. With a persistent training, this dog can do well in obedience training.

Try to socialize the miniature pinscher dog while it is still a puppy. This dog breed does not do well with smaller children, as it can play very rough. Children should be very careful not to annoy this dog breed. Also, miniature pinscher dogs can be very hostile with other dogs if it is not socialized well.

Do not allow this tiny dog breed develop the Small Dog Syndrome for this is when miniature pinscher training problems start to arise. When this happens, this dog breed will become more demanding, headstrong and start to bark excessively. Do not let them become tyrants by displaying natural authority over them. Dog owners must always be ready to assume pack leadership.

The Miniature Pinscher dog has a smooth, short-haired and rigid coat that is easy to groom. This dog must be combed, brushed and shampooed only when it is necessary. The loose hair of this dog can be removed by simply wiping over using a warm, damp washcloth.

To effectively housebreak a Min Pin, put the dog in a crate. Dogs do not usually want doing their business in a small confined area. Then every hour or so, try to take the dog out of its crate, and put it on a leash. Then take the dog where you want him to go. If the dog does not go after several minutes, return the dog to its crate for another hour and then do it again. When the dog does go, make sure to give the dog lots of praise. Soon, the Min Pin will understand where he should go. After gradually increasing the area of the dog outside of the crate, then soon it can be allowed to roam freely in the house without problems.

Again the primary idea to miniature pinscher training is consistency. But there are several general guidelines that you should follow. Give the dog some praise for desired behavior. Reinforcement can come in the form of a treat or even a nice hug and some excitement in your voice.

Try to always enforce your command and not by the repetition of the command over and over.  The tone of your voice can make a difference. The word No must be said forcefully, while good must be more positive. Always use the name of your dog whenever you are speaking to it.

There are other general commands that must be employed in miniature pinscher training. Try to teach the dog to speak before trying to teach it to hush. The miniature pinscher dogs do love to bark and it is very important that dog owners get this under control very early. Some people recommend the use of anti-bark collars. These collars give a light shock to the dog and are commonly regarded as an effective tool.

The key reminder to miniature pinscher training is trying to be consistent, firm and strict yet sensitive and gentle. Following the tips given above should help you get started on the road to owning a happy and obedient pet.